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Create and manage templates in Magezon Page Builder

Create and manage templates in Magezon Page Builder

This article is going to show you how to create new templates and manage them in Magezon Page Builder.

For a visual step-by-step guide, take a look through this tutorial video

Magezon Page Builder Tutorial | Create and manage templates

1. Add a new template

1.1 Create a brand new template from the template list

From the template list interface, click on the button: Add New Template.

Magezon Page Builder – Add new template

It will navigate to New Template interface. Set the name of the template then shape the template your way. All the steps are just the same when you create a site.

Magezon Page Builder – Configure new template

After configuring, hit Save then the template will appear in My Template tab.

1.2 Save current template

Another way to add a new template to your list is to save current page. Click on the Magezon Page Builder‘s logo on the top left of the toolbar, there will be a pop-up like below:

Magezon Page Builder – Save current template

Just enter your desired name then hit Save Template. It will be automatically saved and listed in the My Templates tab.

Magezon Page Builder – Saved template

2. Manage templates

2.1 Edit the template

From My templates list, select the one that needs to be edited. Click pencil symbol then it will lead you to another page of template configuration. Just edit the template like usual using the intuitive drag and drop interface.

Magezon Page Builder – Edit template

2.2 Delete the template

Your templates are also stored in the backend system. To access the list, follow the link: Content > Page Builder Templates. Then, you see a grid with all of your saved templates.

To delete a template, just click on the caret of Select in the Action column, then Delete.

Magezon Page Builder – Delete a template

2.3 Add templates into a site

You are configuring your site but have no idea where to start? It’s time to use the saved templates. We get 2 separated list of saved templates as known as My Templates tab and ready to use pre-designed ones or Template Library tab.

Everything you need to do is to choose a template. Click on the plus symbol, then it will be instantly added in the configuring site. Not all, you can absolutely edit the template to fit your site style or add more than one template into your site.

Magezon Page Builder – Add template into the site

We hope this article can help you in the configuring process. Any further question or need support about complex code, feel free to contact us.


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