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How to create multiple columns

Our Ninja Menus 2.0 comes with new features as well as updated UI and UX. One of these features is the ability to create menu in multiple languages. When switching the website between languages, the menus will change respectively.

In this article, we will show you how to create menus in multiple store views.

First, have quick look at this visual step-by-step video tutorial

How to create multi-language menus

Suppose that your website has 2 languages: English and French.

Step 1: Create an English Menu

Create a new menu then configure the General Tab like below

Multi-language menu: General Tab

- Set up menu content in English

Create a multi-language menu: English Menu

Don't forget to hit Save after finishing.

Step 2: French Menu

Create another new one, name it and configure the General tab like the above menu

Multi-language menu: Configure General Tab

- Edit the content in French

Create a multi-language menu: French Menu

Never forget to Save when you finish.

Step 3: Check the results on the front

Multi-language menu: Menu in English
Multi-language menu: Menu in French

Do the same if your website has other languages. Remember to choose the relevant store view and enter the same values for the Identifier field.

Any questions or need support, please leave us a comment below. We’re always willing to help.


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